Air Traffic Noise

Noise from air traffic has become an increasing problem for some Perth people. More flights, particularly during the evening and early morning – sometimes at 5 or 10 minute intervals – are impacting on their peace and quiet. Unlike elsewhere, Perth doesn’t impose night time curfews nor provide government subsidies to assist people in reducing air traffic noise. The burden is left for home and business owners to find – and pay for – solutions themselves. You can find information online about how to reduce noise that involves double glazing your windows or filling in wall and ceiling vents. But how do you know if it is going to work…and what’s the right thing to do for your particular noise problem? There’s a lot to consider and you don’t want to spend money without getting a great result. Here’s where quashTM can help. One of our friendly team can assess your situation and provide a tailored solution to reduce the impact of air traffic noise on your home or business.

Our products have been specifically designed to reduce air traffic noise and have been used in the Eastern States with great results for over ten years.

quashTM can customise a package specifically for your needs and budget.

Call us today to discuss how we can quashTM the air traffic noise in your life.

Some background ….

Every home and business is different in how it allows air traffic noise to enter and disturb its occupants. Construction methods have a big impact on this. Sound can enter through the roof, walls, windows or doors.

But how does it do this?

A simple rule is that if air can get in so will noise. Try leaving your car window slightly open near a busy road then shut it until it seals – see what difference it makes! Tough car window glass performs pretty well.

Similarly, if you have a tiled roof and poor insulation, air traffic noise will enter through the gaps in the tiles and reverberate in your roof space intensifying the noise you hear inside your home or building. Some homes have high performing roof coverings but poor window quality. Others may be old with old style wall and ceiling vents. All of these factors influence how well your building materials perform at reducing air traffic noise.

The team at quashTM consider all the possible weaknesses and issues and assess your building on a room by room basis to come up with the best solution for quashing your noise issue.

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Case Study Snapshot


Cheryl was sick and tired of the planes flying past her home on take off.


Quash installed some acoustic insulation designed for plane frequencies and a mass loaded barrier to her ceiling space.


Cheryl was delighted as the overall intensity of the planes was now gone they could still hear each other talk.