Creating a pleasant environment in a noisy industrial workplace can be quite a challenge but the team at quashTM are experienced in finding noise reducing solutions to create quiet in any industry including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Water Storage and Treatment
  • Power Generation

    National Environmental Laws have become much tougher recently in regards to ‘noise pollution’ and it’s therefore equally important to consider the impact noise can have on nearby businesses and residences. With access to an extensive range of soundproofing materials suitable for industrial environments, quashTM has the skills and knowledge to create customised systems for industrial workplaces that not only work but are also cost effective.

    Common industrial noise concerns are:

  • Plant noise
  • Workshop noise
  • Plant vibration, transmission and reverberation or echo
  • Workshop or plant noise entering offices
  • Neighbours noise entering your workplace

    Common noise solutions quashTM can assist with are:

  • Providing mechanical isolation to plant and machinery
  • Providing barriers to reduce and absorb noise
  • Providing absorption products to a plant or workshop

    Contact quashTM today to ask how we can quash your workplace noise.


    Case Study Snapshot


    Excessively noisy diesel generator.


    Install vibration isolation panels and low frequency absorption to the inside lining of the generator.


    Huge reduction in generator engine noise, enhancing worker comfort greatly.


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