Offices often have inferior acoustics due to thin partition walls, suspended ceilings or ill-fitted doors. They can also suffer significant reverberation problems, especially in call centres or boardrooms where there’s a lot of people but few soft furnishings absorbing the noise.

Common causes of noise in offices:

  • Poor quality, poor performing walls, ceilings, doors, windows and absorption
  • External noise/street noise
  • Flanking noise around and above walls
  • Echo and sound reverberation

quashTM offers a complete range of noise reduction and soundproofing solutions that can significantly reduce these problems by increasing the performance of doors, walls, windows and ceilings by:

  • Adding additional barriers and/or blocking the path of the noise
  • Installing isolation products to prevent sound vibrations transmitting through walls
  • Installing absorption products
  • Installing acoustic doors and/or seals
  • Installing acoustic windows

Contact quashTM today and see how easily we can create quiet in your office.


Case Study Snapshot


Amanda called us as their office and consulting suites were not as quiet and private as they should be.


Quash assessed the issue and proceeded to seal and block the flanking noise above the walls and installed acoustic seals to the existing doors.


No audible voice transmission could be heard between any of the offices and consulting rooms.

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