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Whether you’re a new home owner, you live on a busy road or in an older house with few noise reducing features, quashTM can help create quiet in your life. We offer the most extensive and up to date range of noise reducing products available on the market and we use these to customise noise reducing solutions suited specifically to your needs.

The quashTM team has solved many noise problems over the years. Our expertise and experience will help us to quickly identify the cause of your noise issue and then create the right solution combining the best products at a price to suit your budget.

Common residential noise issues where quashTM can help:

  • Air traffic noise
  • Traffic noise
  • Neighbours
  • Air conditioning units
  • Pool and bore pumps
  • Worksites
  • Home theatre, study and offices
  • Bedrooms
  • Workshops

Our noise solutions can involve:

  • Secondary or full replacement windows
  • Acoustic doors and/or seals
  • Acoustic walls and ceilings
  • Noise reduction systems installed in roof spaces
  • Acoustic enclosures and panels e.g. isolating pool pump and air conditioning noise

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Case Study Snapshot


Ian lived in a really quiet suburb but was kept awake by one neighbour’s music and his air conditioning unit.


Quash installed an Aluminium Secondary Window with 10.5mm thick acoustic glass to Ian’s bedroom and ensuite.


Ian could no longer hear the music and/or the air conditioner and was extremely happy with his good night’s sleep.

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