Case Studies

Air Traffic Noise

Mark lives up in the hills and contacted Quash and said he needed someone to look at how I can stop the noise from the planes landing at the Perth airport from waking me up and stopping me from sleeping


Consulting Suites

Last year we had a call from a couple of doctors desperate for some help with their brand new consulting suites. The so called acoustic fit out on the suites had just been completed and they were devastated to realise


Office Windows

Quash was called in to address some freeway noise causing some issues in a teleconference room on the 3rd floor of an office building located near the Perth CBD.

We retro fitted a secondary glazed panel to the inside


Home Windows

George contacted us and said they need a cost effective solution to reduce the street noise through their bedroom window, whilst saving money on heating and cooling the room.

George and his wife were extremely concerned by the possible cost


Apartment Windows – SoundOut Glazing

Lou is an Engineer who came to Quash with the issue of traffic and party noise in his apartment. Due to the Strata Body regulations, Lou indicated that the windows couldn’t be changed. Lou wanted the solution to look like


Apartment Windows – Secondary Sliding Door

Rohit contacted Quash for some help with his new apartment. He and his wife had just moved in and did not realise how noisy Adelaide Terrace can be at night and even during the working day. They had been to


Timber Floor/ Ceiling

David came to us with an internal noise issue in his 2 story home. The sound from down stairs in the kitchen was travelling straight through his timber floor to the upstairs bedroom and vice versa.

We installed acoustic insulation


Apartment Walls

Eric came to us with a noise transmission issue through his apartment wall. He could hear some very light TV and general living noise from his neighbour. Eric realised that if he could hear his neighbour, then his neighbour could