Peppermint Grove August 18, 2015

We have no hesitations at all to recommend Nigel to anyone seeking a noise solution.

We moved into our new house in early May this year and my partner who is a light sleeper had interrupted sleep from day one because our bedroom faced onto a roundabout. The noise issue that we were dealing with was low frequency traffic noise, which was magnified when cars were slowing down to approach the roundabout and then accelerating afterwards, this I learnt from my research on sound and sound proofing is the hardest type of noise to deal with!

We were delighted to be introduced to Quash in our quest for a quiet night’s sleep. We found Nigel to be very reliable, professional and knowledgeable on the topic of acoustic solutions. Nigel was always available to bounce ideas off and he also researched the best acoustic solutions for our problems, namely secondary window systems and acoustic panelling for our balcony ceiling. In the end we selected another glazing company to install our windows for our bedroom and Quash to install the acoustic panelling on our balcony ceiling.

Nigel worked closely with our glazing provider to ensure they included the acoustic insulation in our window frames and he worked closely with Keystone Acoustics, a company based in Sydney, to ensure that we had the best acoustic panelling in our balcony ceiling to absorb the reverberations from the traffic collecting on balcony. I am so pleased that we had Nigel working with Keystone Acoustics to ensure that we had the best acoustic panels to deal with low frequency noise and were able to withstand elements of being outside.

We are really happy to report that since the installation of the double glazing and acoustic panelling, my partner has not complained once about the traffic noise and we have both had good nights’ sleep since. This is saying a lot because my partner was contemplating selling the house because of the noise!

In the end we are 100% comfortable that we got the best solution possible for our noise solution from Quash. Furthermore in an industry that is filled with cowboys that are not knowledgeable of acoustics, Quash is name that you can trust.

South Fremantle August 18, 2015

Thank you so much for your very professional service and the high quality workmanship during the installation of secondary glazing in our 3rd floor apartment at South Beach Fremantle.

Our aim was to reduce the intermittent noise rising from the adjacent freight train traffic. Being a Strata Title property, double glazing and its limited colour choices (basically white) was not an option so secondary glazing was an attractive solution that we were already familiar with.

We have been more than pleased with your overall service and importantly the installation results have more than exceeded our expectations. Further, we believe your product to be technically superior and more cost effective that the other alternatives we had researched and priced.

The benefits we have enjoyed from the installation of your secondary glazing in the three bedrooms are:

  • Intermittent train noise levels have been reduced to comfortable levels
  • The new glazing frames and windows are colour matched with existing window frames
  • The window panels can be readily removed for cleaning
  • Improved insulation gained from the secondary glazing

Given the above results we would highly recommend your secondary glazing service and products to prospective clients.

Kind Regards

Swanbourne August 18, 2015

Christmas wishes reiterated to you and your family. Hope you have a good one.

We are so pleased with the window. You did a terrific job and your service was 100%.

You will certainly be recommended by us to anyone wanting soundproofing to their home.

Best Wishes

Swanbourne August 18, 2015

Thanks Nigel, for an awesome job. You came when you said you would, you did exactly what you said you would and the window did exactly what you said it would do, what a fantastic service. Thank again.

Thornlie August 18, 2015

I can’t believe it you can barely even notice there’s another window there, Thank you.

Nollamara August 18, 2015

The windows have been great, and your service was excellent.

Our neighbours are still loud and inconsiderate, (no surprise) but since getting the SoundOut windows fitted I only hear them occasionally, and at a much lower noise level, so they are no longer a major disturbance to my sleep.

Thanks so much for your help.

Subiaco August 18, 2015

The job was beautifully done and nicely tidied up afterwards.

Como Beach August 18, 2015

I searched for many months for a product that would greatly reduce the freeway noise and insulate our home from extreme heat and cold. My solution was inexpensive, got the tick from the strata body corporate, and was installed easily and without damaging the freshly painted interior walls. The SoundOut windows delivered on all fronts. We are thrilled and enjoying our new found comfort. Thank you for a brilliant product and service.

East Perth August 18, 2015

It is an absolute pleasure dealing with someone who is switched on in the use of technology and efficiency.