Barrierboard™ is a patented plasterboard composite material consisting of two sheets of plasterboard of differing thicknesses separated by an isolating layer.

This product has been developed in response to the growing number of inquiries relating to issues of noise transference between separate but adjoining dwellings (across “party” or common walls), within dwellings (for example, between a bathroom and a bedroom) and from external sources such as road noise.

Barrierboard™ has the flexibility to be installed in both new and existing applications.

Barrierboard™ can offer the following:

  • Full compliance with the new May 2004 Building Code of Australia sound insulation provisions.
  • On retro-fit installations, Barrierboard™ can achieve maximum performance improvement with minimal loss of floor space. It is able to be installed on both plasterboard stud walls and masonry walls.
  • Easy installation – similar to typical plasterboard fixing and finishing.
  • Maximum performance is achieved consistently and simply with the rebated edge and one panel product. There is no reliance on complex components or installation instructions to achieve the specifications as there is with other systems.
  • Barrierboard™ Systems are a price competitive alternative to traditional dry wall systems.
  • Barrierboard™ can either be installed as a retrofit solution directly onto the existing wall or by using furring channels so that acoustic insulation can be added between the primary and secondary walls. Wall depth loss would be either 32mm or 60mm if using furring channels.
  • It is compact and easy to install (about 50% faster than conventional soundproofing systems). It can be used in conjunction with standard wall systems using a minimum of additional space to significantly reduce noise levels. Barrierboard™ is also effectively used on ceilings.

The relatively thin panels (32mm) can be fixed directly to common walls with minimal changes to doorway construction and architraves. The end result is maximum performance from minimum thickness.

Barrierboard™ is ideal for home theatres, apartments, dual occupancies, townhouses and general housing. It can also be used to effectively reduce noise in commercial situations such as sound studios, inter-office walls, conference rooms and general office partitions. On industrial sites it can be used to divide walls between offices and factory workplaces or to reduce noise emanating from plant rooms.