What’s the best way to get a sound proofing quote?

Email or phone us with your rough measurements, window type and noise issue. We will be able to provide you with an indicative cost to see whether the windows are within your budget. If you wish to proceed we will come to your home or office to measure and confirm our quote.

Can I keep my existing blinds/curtains when installing double glazed windows?

Yes. But in some instances we may need to extend your window reveal to accommodate this. As above we need a 100mm gap to achieve the sound reduction. We are happy to assist with removal and replacement of your blinds, curtains or shutters.

Why use a secondary double glazing system?

Because they are cheaper than replacing your window and you only need to do the windows that are causing the noise issue. The SoundOut system was designed for Air Traffic Noise for the Sydney Airport extension many years ago and they have proven to be very effective for other types of noise.

How does secondary double glazing save me money?

Quash SoundMasta secondary glazing creates an isolated gap between the existing frame and the quash™ SoundOut frame that will reduce thermal transfer. This will make it cheaper to cool your home in summer and warm it in winter.

What colours do the windows and doors come in?

We can match nearly every powder coated frame in WA, let us know your colour or take a photo for us and we’ll track it down.

How effective are double glazed windows?

Our SoundOut windows with 6.38 laminated glass block up to 75% of the perceived noise, particularly within the mid to high frequency range. Should your noise problem be from traffic, which falls into the low frequency spectrum, we would recommend our Quash™ SoundOut Window with 10.5mm acoustic glass.

Are double glazed secondary windows and doors expensive?

They are cheaper than replacing your entire window or all your windows. Quash™ Windows are guaranteed to reduce your noise problem. Cost is dependent upon the size of the window and as everyone’s budget is different, it may prove to be cost prohibitive. However, the noise reduction provided is truly excellent value for money.

Can I add a film or thicker glass to my existing windows or doors to reduce noise?

No, this is a common misconception. The only way to effectively block noise is to create a gap between the primary and secondary windows to convert noise to heat. Without this gap you will achieve minimal, if any, sound reduction.

How long will it take for my windows or doors to be installed after placing my order?

Generally between 2 and 4 weeks depending upon the time of the year and demand at the time.

Do I need strata approval for double glazed windows?

As the Quash™ SoundOut windows are installed inside and they will not alter the appearance of the building, strata approval has never been required, but is recommended to seek it out as a standard procedure.

Why secondary double glazed windows over full replacement uPVC double glazing?

There are many reasons for choosing Quash secondary glazing over Replacement uPVC double glazing: It is cheaper to do a secondary window than replace one Order the same colour as your existing window frame You may have a new home and not want to change your windows completely There may be restrictions preventing you from…

My home/office building is heritage listed, can I have sound proof windows fitted?

Yes, we have installed our windows in heritage listed buildings.

Can you see secondary double glazed windows from the outside?

Our Quash™ SoundOut windows and doors are custom made to match your existing windows and doors. All framing will align directly inside the existing framing. This makes our secondary systems virtually invisible from the outside.

Can you see secondary double glazed windows from the inside?

The Quash™ SoundOut window is positioned within existing reveals, aligns with existing framing and is powder coated in a colour to match the existing window or door colour. You will barely notice that you have a Quash™ secondary window system installed.

What are Quash secondary windows made of?

Thick laminated glass and powder coated aluminium frames which blend in seamlessly with your existing windows.

How effective is sound blocking in walls?

If the existing wall is plasterboard you can expect to gain a 9db improvement, if it is masonry then you can expect to gain a 5db improvement with our sound blocking products alone.

Why would I choose uPVC over secondary glazing?

There are many reasons why you would choose replacement uPVC double glazing over Quash SoundMasta secondary glazing: You may be renovating and want a new look. Your current windows may be old and tired with poor seals You may be building a new home and want good noise reduction Energy Efficiency Added security over conventional…

How do sound blocking products join together?

The Quash Sound Blocking system is rebated as per traditional plasterboard sheets. All the finishing techniques are the same as traditional products.

Will sound blocking be installed over my existing wall or should I take down the existing plasterboard first?

As the key to sound blocking is density, we would recommend you install a secondary wall on top of your existing wall.

Can you install security screens as well as soundproof windows?

Yes we can, however many of our window soundproofing customers find that the secondary window itself provides sound proofing PLUS an added layer of security.

Do you have materials to sound dampen an engine-driven compressor/generator?

Yes, we have various solutions for your commercial sound proofing needs. We usually install noise enclosures suitable for your machinery.

Can you do some retrofit glazing to be used in townhouse rental properties in West Perth, WA?

The best window sound proofing solution for external noise including traffic is to install a secondary window inside your existing one. This is a low cost alternative to double glazing and will perform better as it was designed for sound reduction not thermal isolation. The thermal benefit you get is a bonus.

What is the solution for noise transfers from our son’s bedroom and bathroom into the master bedroom?

We can install the full Barrierboard™ system for bedroom soundproofing to ensure that your sleep won’t be interrupted by noise coming from other rooms in your home.

We live near the train station, what’s the best way to block out the noises?

Generally, the best solution to stop road traffic noise including trains, is to install a secondary window inside your existing one.