Industrial Soundproofing

Quality Soundproofing is Essential for Industrial Spaces

Quash Soundproofing works with industrial organisations to create safe and productive working environments.

Don’t allow noise from plant, fabrication, and production affect your staff and surrounding environments.

Industrial noise or occupational noise is the amount of acoustical energy (noise) received by an employee’s auditory system while they are working. These industries range from Manufacturing workshops, Mining and Construction sites, to water storage/treatment and power generation plants. It is a wide spread problem that effects the mental and physical health of those people in and around the space and prolonged exposure can cause permanent hearing damage.

Quash aims to reduce this noise by dampening the vibrations and absorbing and blocking the air born noise.

We achieve this with soundproofing solutions such as the installation of:

  • vibration dampening, flexible acoustic barriers and absorption panels
  • noise isolation barriers for the workshop or factory floor
  • flexible acoustic doors
  • PA doors with flexible seals
  • purpose built enclosures to isolate plant and equipment noise
  • customised acoustic paneling to reduce noise reflection

Our extensive experience in the construction industry allows us to create customised noise reduction solutions to suit even the most complex work environments.

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