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Some of our commercial clients include…

Nigel Reid – Director


Nigel Reid’s experience in the building and construction industry spans over three decades. As a leader in the building industry, his passion for soundproofing developed in 2008 when he offered solutions to his building clients. Nigel quickly established that soundproofing a building was not just about construction and labour but about satisfying a basic human physiological need for quiet. Equally as important, is the ability to create a customised noise reduction solution that blends in with its surroundings. Once that need was met, his clients were and still are always happy. In 2009 Quash (formerly Sound Proof) was established. Since then, Nigel has had the pleasure of dealing with exceptional clients and exciting projects. See the Quash Case Studies and  Testimonials to see how Nigel and his team have helped many Australians deal with their noise issues.Continue reading HERE.

We don’t go it alone

We don’t always go it alone, here are some of our trusted partners that contribute to helping us help you achieve quiet.