Perth Airport’s Third Runway May Cause 10,000 Homes to Face Aircraft Noise

airplane noise

On July this year, the preliminary draft of Perth Airport’s third runway was released. This runway is a major part of the airport’s development plans and is forecasted to boost the Australian economy. However, on a smaller scale, what this mean to residents in the area?

According the Midland Reporter, 10,000 homes will face aircraft noise for the first time due to this third runway. This will affect suburbs located to the east and south and south east of the airport – which haven’t been exposed to air traffic noise in the past.

It is forecasted that suburbs like Wattle Grove, High Wycombe, Forrestfield, and South Gilford will experience up to 200 extra noise events daily. Swan View, West Swan, Glen Forrest, Thornlie, Helena Valley, Caversham, Canning Vale, Darlington, Greenmount, and Guildford will also experience increased noise events.

Many Australians chose these areas for their homes to have a peaceful and quiet lifestyle. With the new runway in place, these communities will undeniably be impacted and residents can become agitated.

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