Pre-emptive Sound Proofing for Expecting Mother

Pre-emptive Sound Proofing for Expecting Mother


Rohit contacted Quash for some help with his new apartment. He and his wife had just moved in and did not realise how noisy Adelaide Terrace can be at night and even during the working day. They had been to the open home on a Sunday when the streets and surrounding area was extremely quiet.

Rohit and his wife were expecting a baby and wanted to get a good sound reduction before the arrival of their baby.


They had an existing magnetic noise reduction system in one of the rooms, however, they did not want to do this again as they did not consider the noise reduction adequate to meet their needs.


Quash recommended and installed secondary sliding windows with 6.5mm acoustic glass to both the living area and soon to be nursery for their home soundproofing needs. We trim fitted it to the existing walls to make it blend in with the existing frames.


Rohit and his wife were delighted in the reduction and were able to focus on the exciting birth of their baby.

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Nigel Reid

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