QuashIt Retrofit Double Glazed Secondary Windows

Retrofit Your Existing Windows

The QuashIt Windows window system is a retrofit, double glazed unit installed behind your existing window that can reduce noise transmission by up to 70%. In addition, it’s highly effective in providing additional security and safety to your property.
Features include:

  • Custom designed to suit all existing applications
  • Acoustically tested as a Quash SoundMasta secondary glazing unit using laminated acoustic glass
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Save costs by keeping existing doors and windows

A word about existing window fittings…

In many instances, when retrofitting a double glazing system to an existing window, the best installation position for maximum results is often where existing vertical, venetian or roller blinds are positioned.

In this situation, quashTM will reposition your blinds for you. The exact installation method will depend on the types of blinds you have including the kinds of brackets or fittings that have been used to install them.

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