Double Glazed Windows

In Perth, as in other cities around the world, life is getting busier and noisier. Houses, buildings and roads are closer together as the urban sprawl increases in density. Traffic is busier at our airports and there are no flight curfews. All this means it’s getting harder to find peace and quiet.

Being surrounded by constant noise can impact health and well-being. Noise in the home is annoying and intrusive and a noisy work environment can result in lower levels of productivity and performance.

Removing Unwanted Noise

Windows are a common area of weakness, letting unwanted noise into your life at home, at work and even at your favourite restaurant or cafe.

quashTM can make significant reductions to noise levels with double glazing window products that are either:

  1. Retrofitted double glazed windows or
  2. Full replacement double glazed windows

Our double glazing solutions will also improve thermal insulation making home and work environments more pleasant and less expensive to run.

Energy Efficient Homes

You’d think that in a country as tech-savvy as Australia double glazing would be more prevalent, but until recently most of us thought the best way to compensate for our climate was to install better and more expensive air conditioning systems.

Did you know that in an average home, standard doors and windows comprise only 10% of the building exterior yet they’re responsible for an incredible 80% of energy lost through heating and cooling?

Improving the performance of heating and cooling in your home with double glazed windows and doors reduces your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and helps you do your bit for a healthier environment.

It also adds to the resale value of your home.

quashTM can help you find the right solution for your space at a price that suits your budget. Contact us for your customised solution.


Retrofit Your Existing Windows

The QuashIt Windows window system is a retrofit, double glazed unit installed behind your existing window that can reduce noise transmission by up to 70%. In addition, it’s highly effective in providing additional security and safety to your property.

Other features include:
  • Custom designed to suit all existing applications
  • Acoustically tested as a Quash SoundMasta secondary glazing unit using laminated acoustic glass
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Suitable for homes, units, offices, hospitals and other buildings
  • Easy to install
  • Conditional 7 year warranty
  • Noise reduction
  • Temperature control/thermal insulation
  • Low impact
  • Non invasive
  • Easy to use
A word about existing window fittings…

In many instances, when retrofitting a double glazing system to an existing window, the best installation position for maximum results is often where existing vertical, venetian or roller blinds are positioned.

In this situation, quashTM will reposition your blinds for you. The exact installation method will depend on the types of blinds you have including the kinds of brackets or fittings that have been used to install them.