Meet the Quash Team!

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Nigel Reid - Director

Nigel Reid’s experience in the building and construction industry spans over three decades. As a leader in the building industry, his passion for soundproofing developed in 2008 when he offered solutions to his building clients.

Nigel quickly established that soundproofing a building was not just about construction and labour but about satisfying a basic human physiological need for quiet. Equally as important, is the ability to create a customised noise reduction solution that blends in with its surroundings. Once that need was met, his clients were and still are always happy.

In 2009 Quash (formerly Sound Proof) was established. Since then, Nigel has had the pleasure of dealing with exceptional clients and exciting projects. See the Quash Case Studies and Sound Proofing Reviews to see how Nigel and his team have helped many Australians deal with their noise issues.

Nigel Reid is Perth’s leader in industrial, commercial, and residential noise reduction solutions. His background in the construction industry empowers him with the ability to understand his clients problems in depth, visualise them, and then create customised soundproofing solutions that work in even the most unique settings.

“At Quash, we take pride in our ability to successfully and affordably take on the most complex soundproofing and noise reduction projects that no one else in our industry will touch. Our customised solutions have been widely and consistently praised by our clients who continuously come back for more.” – Nigel Reid

Brenton Willcocks - Soundproofing Specialist

Brenton Willcocks has been a valued member of the Quash team for over three years. During this time he has developed an extensive understanding of both soundproofing and noise reduction. 

Brenton is passionate about his work in the soundproofing industry, and is in the process of completing his Mechanical Engineering Degree looking to specialise in Acoustics at the University of Western Australia.

“Any job we complete at Quash feels rewarding because the results are always really clear. Soundproofing and noise reduction isn’t just about aesthetics, with the right solution we can make a whole space FEEL completely different.” – Brenton Willcox

Kavya Vaddi - Personal Assistant

Kavya recently joined Quash after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.

Her role as Personal Assistant involves understanding your problems in depth and ensuring you receive the best solution.

One thing I love about Quash is that I am involved in different areas of the business which allows me to gain experience in the different facets of the construction industry. – Kavya Vaddi


There are no islands

In the Industry, there are an array of service providers specialise in one or several sound proofing solutions. No individual business is an island, and we have found our success in partnering with expert teams that share the same philosophy of customer service.


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Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients:

Results based philosophy

We believe in the philosophy of getting the job done right, on time and with a smile. We expect this from our partners and deliver it to our customers, and have had the pleasure of working with some of the following enterprises: