Quash™ Full Acoustic Wall & Ceiling System


The Quash™ Full Acoustic System can be installed to any surface but typically to walls or lower ceilings. The difference between the full acoustic treatment and simply fitting acoustic absorbing panels is the sound blocking material installed between the acoustic foam that keeps excessive noise out or in – depending on who is the noisy one.

As opposed to using acoustic panels, which are ideal for improving the quality of conversation in a room, this full acoustic wall system is ideal for reducing external noise or containing significant internal noise from affecting neighbours


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Will sound blocking be installed over my existing wall or should I take down the existing plasterboard first?

As the key to sound blocking is density, we would recommend you install a secondary wall on top of your existing wall.

How effective is sound blocking in walls?

If the existing wall is plasterboard you can expect to gain a 9db improvement, if it is masonry then you can expect to gain a 5db improvement with our sound blocking products alone.

How do sound blocking products join together?

The Quash Sound Blocking system is rebated as per traditional plasterboard sheets. All the finishing techniques are the same as traditional products.