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Acoustic enclosures are closed chambers that help in noise absorption or isolation. Depending on your need and specifications, these sound enclosures can also perform additional functions like vibration isolation. These sound enclosures may be required for certain places where there is a noise-generating equipment such as generators, commercial air conditioners, and other machinery.

According to the National Standard for Occupational Noise, the maximum daily level of sound allowed at public institutions or work environments in Australia is 85 dBA. This means that your business needs to comply with the standards for noise control for the health of your employees and neighbours.

Quash supplies custom-built acoustic enclosures for all areas where noise reduction is necessary. Our years of experience and professionalism ensure that these enclosures are made with the best acoustic materials.

When installing sound enclosure solutions for generators and other machinery, Quash aims to not only make your space more acoustically relaxing but also more aesthetically pleasing. Choose Quash because:

  • Experts in identifying and quashing machinery noise types
  • All acoustic panels are made to measure your specific machines
  • Experienced – we have custom made and installed over 100 sound proof enclosures across Perth.

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What are people saying about Quash™?

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5 Stars - Based on 21 User Reviews
Roger BarnettRoger Barnett

Nigel and his team advised me on acoustic bricks, soundproof doors and windows for the building of a studio. The results are superb. Many thanks.

Ozzy Man ReviewsOzzy Man Reviews

Quash soundproofed me bedroom windows at home. They did a top notch job. Not only is traffic noise reduced significantly, but I also don't have to listen to the boofhead next door trying to play his Ukulele all the time. Don't get me wrong, learning an instrument is hard and takes practise and I'm sure the bloke will get better. I'd just like the option to block him out as he learns and then I'll open the double glazed windows up in a few months once he's a maestro. Bloody win/win.

Some example sound enclosure projects

Our sound proofing team have installed solutions for various residential and commercial sound proofing across Perth and WA. We hope to make your work environment our next sound proofing success story.

Some of our commercial clients include…