Sound acoustics at home, work or play

Noise pollution or prolonged exposure to unnecessary noise causes fatigue, poor concentration, and more…

Acoustic panels are designed to combat unnecessary noise. When installed in homes, restaurants and cafes, reception halls and offices, they absorb, correct or reducer noise pollution. There are acoustic panels available in various colours, dimensions, fixings, shapes, etc. to ensure that it’s suitable for the design and aesthetics of your space. They can be attached or suspended to the ceiling or mounted on walls.

When a room’s acoustics are corrected, the well-being and comfort of the occupants are improved. This is extremely important to be able to get enough rest and sleep in your home, and to promote concentration and productivity for employees in the office.

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Acoustic panels can have different roles, depending on:

  1. Where they are installed (open-space office, meeting room, music room, etc.)
  2. How they are installed
  3. Source of the noise

Acoustic panels are also very versatile and can give you the perfect visual appeal for the room needing treatment. Quash can customize different shapes, colors and sizes and the possibilities are endless!

Quash supplies custom-built acoustic panels for all areas where noise reduction is necessary. Our years of experience and professionalism ensure that these enclosures are made with the best acoustic materials.

When installing sound panel solutions for your home, office or commercial spaces, Quash aims to not only make your it more acoustically relaxing but also more aesthetically pleasing. Choose Quash because:

  • Experts in identifying and quashing various noise types
  • Experienced – we have provided sound proofing solutions to over 15 businesses across Perth.
  • Professional 
  • All acoustic panels are made to measure your specific needs in sizes, dimensions, and colors.

What are people saying about Quash?

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5 Stars - Based on 27 User Reviews

Roberta TonetoRoberta Toneto

Nigel and team, thank you so much for the amazing job you did. Our small office is now a much quieter place. I strongly recommend Quash.

Phillip BroomPhillip Broom

Have used Quash twice now for confidential meeting spaces, both solutions have been very suitable, level of workmanship good. Highly recommend.

Some of the acoustic panel products we use

Our sound proofing team have installed solutions for various residential and commercial sound proofing across Perth and WA. We hope to make your work environment our next sound proofing success story.

Some of our commercial clients include…