Apartment Soundproofing

Quash apartment soundproofing solutions can reduce noise transmission, provide thermal control that can reduce your power bill and enhance the security of your apartment.

Keeping your apartment peaceful and livable

One of the challenges in living in an apartment is that you have no control over the noise that your neighbor can make. Noise could be caused by adjoining walls, through the roof, and so on. While you can file a complaint to your landlord, it won’t give you the definite resolution of having a peaceful and livable space. On the other hand, if you are the considerate resident, you might not want your neighbors to be disturbed when you have people over for dinner, a party, or any fun and potentially loud activities.

Whatever the reason, Quash can create quiet in your apartment space and address noise issues such as:

  • Air traffic noise
  • Road traffic noise
  • Noisy neighbours
  • Air conditioning units
  • Pool and bore pumps
  • Nearby construction or work sites
  • Reverberation/Echoing

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Make your apartment look good and sound better

When installing soundproofing solutions for your apartment, Quash aims to not only make your space more acoustically relaxing but also more aesthetically pleasing. Choose Quash because:

  • Experts in Perth for detecting and deadening apartment noise types
  • Experienced – we have provided apartment soundproofing solutions across Perth and WA.
  • Professional – we won’t leave your apartment in a mess after installation
  • All acoustic panels fitted are made to measure your apartment space
  • Customisation options available – we can provide custom printed acoustic panels (e.g. with matching artwork to suit the aesthetics of your apartment)
  • Enthusiastic reviews from our apartment soundproofing clients

Apartment Soundproofing Installation

Our work is backed by a 6 month warranty as well as years of experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in the quality of our soundproofing installations and make sure to leave your premises clean and tidy after the job is done. Contact Quash today and see how easily we can reduce the noise coming through your doors.

Some example of apartment soundproofing projects

Our soundproofing team have installed solutions for homes, apartments and other residential locations across Perth and WA. We hope to make your home our next soundproofing success story.

Apartment wall sound proofing in Mill Point Road, South Perth

Apartment wall sound proofing in Mill Point Road, South Perth

Stomping test

Upstairs stomping quashed

home soundproofing

No more neighbourly noise

Pre-emptive Sound Proofing for Expecting Mother

Pre-emptive Sound Proofing for Expecting Mother

Workaround for Strata Rules Using Retro Fit Windows

Workaround for Strata Rules Using Retro Fit Windows

window soundproofing

Stopping noise from Perth Arena at the Sheraton

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