What is ceiling sound proofing?

This refers to the process of installing sound blocking solutions to the ceiling area. Sound transmission through ceilings is a common problem today in both residential and commercial premises and as such, we offer a wide variety of products and installation methods to block airborne and impact noise transmission through ceilings.

Lower ceiling sound proofing

Typically, apartments and multi-storey office spaces are already well insulated from high frequency noise by an overhead layer of concrete but are subject to impact noises and reverberation such as banging chairs, thumping sub woofers or slamming cupboards or front doors. These types of noises can affect:

If there is no access to the ceiling cavity or roof above, then a lower ceiling sound proofing solution is most effective at treating these noise issues.

Upper ceiling sound proofing

Referring to the space between the roof and the ceiling, in many homes, walls are often adequately insulated and the ceiling is not, resulting in the issue of ‘cross-talk’, best described as the noise that travels over the wall through the ceiling. Our upper ceiling sound proofing solutions are ideal for:

Ceiling baffles / fins for acoustic ambience

In some cases, when the noise issue originates from within the space, acoustic absorbing foam panels hung from the ceiling provide the most cost effective sound proofing solution. These noise absorbing panels are the ideal solution for busy cafés, restaurants, bars or hotels.. 

Don’t just sound good, look good too

The Quietspace® product range reduces both reverberated noise and sound transmission to create environments that are quiet, comfortable and attractive. They are also available in a wide range of colour choices, finishes, custom printing and custom cutting options. 

Ceiling sound proofing installations

Success stories featuring ceiling solutions

Looking for something specific? Check out our ceiling sound proofing products & systems…

Our installation team are experienced in installing upper ceiling blanket systems for homes, full acoustic ceiling systems for apartments and office blocks and Autex products for in variety of commercial applications.

Why Quash ceiling sound proofing?

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