What is double glazing?

Double glazing is the use of multiple glass panels in a single window or door system. The gap between the two panes of glass is specially sealed and the thickness of each panel may vary.

Quashing noise issues with double glazing

Windows are a common area of weakness, letting unwanted noise into your life at home, at work and even at your favourite restaurant or café. Double glazing can reduce noise issues such as:

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Energy efficient buildings

You’d think that in a country as tech-savvy as Australia double glazing would be more prevalent, but until recently most of us thought the best way to compensate for our climate was to install better and more expensive air conditioning systems in our homes, units, offices, hospitals and other buildings.

Did you know that in an average home, standard doors and windows comprise only 10% of the building exterior yet they’re responsible for an incredible 80% of energy lost through heating and cooling?

Why Quash™ double glazing?

Quash™ can help you find the right solution for your space at a price that suits your budget.

  • Custom designs to suit all existing applications
  • Acoustically tested
  • Panels slide for cleaning access

What are people saying about Quash™?

Quash PerthQuash Soundproofing
4.9 Stars - Based on 18 User Reviews
Ozzy Man ReviewsOzzy Man Reviews

Quash soundproofed me bedroom windows at home. They did a top notch job. Not only is traffic noise reduced significantly, but I also don't have to listen to the boofhead next door trying to play his Ukulele all the time. Don't get me wrong, learning an instrument is hard and takes practise and I'm sure the bloke will get better. I'd just like the option to block him out as he learns and then I'll open the double glazed windows up in a few months once he's a maestro. Bloody win/win.

Leanne WilsonLeanne Wilson

We have not had one noise complaint since the installation. Great friendly service. Thanks again!

Some example of double glazing success stories

Our sound proofing team have installed solutions for homes, apartments and other residential locations across Perth and WA. We hope to make your home our next sound proofing success story.