Office Soundproofing

Quash office sound proofing solutions can create the perfect, productive ambience at your workplace while improving environmental control.

Noise types in offices

The office environment comprises of a variety of sounds, such as co-worker chatter, keypads, ringing phones, aircon/fans… you name it! This can cause privacy issues and effect worker productivity.

Many work spaces are configured with hard and reflective surfaces that can create significant reverberation problems. Doors and walls also have poor sound transmission.

This is especially the case in the modern work place with open plan spaces such as breakout rooms, cafeterias, call centres, large offices and boardrooms where there are a lot of people, but few soft furnishings absorbing the noise.

Office Soundproofing

Creating quiet in the office can help co-workers to focus on being productive at work. By reducing noise and reverberation you can also offer speech privacy and comfortable sound levels you may not have thought were possible.

Some of our solutions for this problem include door sound proofing, sound masking and acoustic absorption panels.

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Look good, sound better

When installing sound proofing solutions for offices, Quash aims to make these spaces not only acoustically relaxing so the ambient noise is pleasant, but also aesthetically attractive. Quash can offer

  • Custom designed acoustic panels
  • Custom printed acoustic panels (e.g. with your company logo)

Why Quash for office soundproofing?

  • Experts in office noise types
  • Serviced 20+ offices in Perth
  • Offices left neat and tidy after installations

Community and classroom soundproofing installations

Our work is backed by a 6 month warranty as well as years of experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in the quality of our sound proofing installations and make sure to leave your premises clean and tidy after the job is done. Contact Quash today and see how easily we can reduce the noise coming through your doors.

Why Quash for sound proofing your office?

Quash Soundproofing works with commercial organisations to create safe and productive working environments.

Reducing Internal Noise Reflection at Emyria

Reducing Internal Noise Reflection at Emyria

Reducing Air-conditioning Noise on the Roof for Bayswater Care Rental East Perth

Reducing Air-conditioning Noise on the Roof for Bayswater Care Rental East Perth

Quash Sliding Window Soundproofing

Secure & sound proof secondary office windows

Quash Soundproofing

Quietspace solves department of transport noise issues


Stratocell Whisper for Offices


Nuheara hearing experts consulting suite

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