Residential Soundproofing

Quash have installed over 75 soundproofing solutions for homes across Perth. Our residential soundproofing installers leave your premises neat and tidy after installation. We are experienced in:

  • Soundproofing for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes including single and multi-storey homes
  • Typical residential noise complaints such as road traffic, air traffic and internal noise
  • Restoring peaceful sleep in bedrooms
  • Apartment soundproofing and working with strata rules
  • Enclosures for noisy air conditioners
  • Creating ambience for home theatres or music rooms

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Our Residential Soundproofing Projects

Our soundproofing team have installed solutions for homes, apartments and other residential locations across Perth and WA. We hope to make your home our next sound proofing success story.

home soundproofing

Window Soundproofing for Ozzyman Review’s home

scarborough window soundproofing

Scarborough Home Window Soundproofing

residential soundproofing

Sound proofing for West Perth apartment


Swanbourne aesthetic acoustic wall panels

home soundproofing

Sound proof home theatre

Aircon Soundproofing Enclosure

Aircon Soundproofing Enclosure

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