Why use Quash sound proofing for schools?

School and community groups really struggle when sound quality is poor. It can have a long-term undesirable effect on how engaged people are in any group. Yet it can be so easily fixed. Quash provides extensive soundproofing, such as acoustic panels, to optimise sound quality in environments that require concentration. Our expertise ensures your special room or facility is always at its best in terms of both acoustics and aesthetics.

Simple solutions are at hand

Poor quality acoustics can be easily avoided with simple noise management solutions. Our experts have a range of solutions that will dramatically improve the acoustics in school halls, gyms and special-purpose rooms, as well as all types of community venues, both old and new.

Our fast, simple and cost-effective sound managements solutions will be music to your ears. And while we can’t promise you’ll never get song lyrics wrong again, we can promise you’ll notice dramatic improvements in attention, participation, and performance, which are so vital to the work of our schools and community groups.


Happy Students ????‍????

Here are some schools we’ve helped with our sound proofing solutions:

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