What is wall sound proofing?

Can you hear noises through the walls? Perhaps your paintings are slanting from reverberation? Our wall sound proofing solutions range from complete wall construction with inner acoustic sound blocking and absorption to simple acoustic panel wall hangings.

Blocking external noise

External sound transmission through walls in both residential and commercial premises can be drastically reduced, common external noise issues reported are:

Absorbing internal noise

In many cases, a wall may be part of an open office plan or in a location where a meeting or consultation needs to take place. In this case, complex sound blocking inside walls may not be required and the sound proofing objective can be achieved simply by strategically placing acoustic panels on walls. This kind of wall sound proofing is ideal for:

Partition walls built for soundproofing

Partition walls are often constructed to create two privates spaces from a single space, however, the construction methods used often leave very little sound proofing and do not allow the privacy originally intended by the partition wall. Quash can assist with the entire process of internal wall construction and sound proofing installation.

Wall sound proofing installation guarantee

Wall sound proofing success stories

Looking for something specific? check out our wall sound proofing product range for more info…

Why Quash wall sound proofing?

  • Custom designed to suit existing walls
  • Acoustically tested
  • Experience in soundproofing 1000m² + of walls across Perth