Office Noise

The office environment comprises of a variety of sounds, such as co-worker chatter, keypads, ringing phones, aircon/fans… you name it! This can cause privacy issues and effect worker productivity.

Many work spaces are configured with hard and reflective surfaces that can create significant reverberation problems. Doors and walls also have poor sound transmission.

This is especially the case in the modern work place with open plan spaces such as breakout rooms, cafeterias, call centres, large offices and boardrooms where there are a lot of people, but few soft furnishings absorbing the noise.

Creating quiet in the office can help co-workers to focus on the creativity and productivity within the business. Quash can reduce this reverberation and in your work space in order to improve speech privacy and comfortable sound levels in the work space. Some of our solutions for this problem include door sound proofing, sound masking and Acoustic Absorption panels.

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Case Study Snapshot


Amanda called us as their office and consulting suites were not as quiet and private as they should be.


Quash assessed the issue and proceeded to seal and block the flanking noise above the walls and installed acoustic seals to the existing doors.


No audible voice transmission could be heard between any of the offices and consulting rooms.

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