Restaurant and Cafe Noise

With hard surfaces and open spaces in Cafes and Restaurants becoming more common, it can often make it hard for customers and workers to converse with one another. The noise can come from multiple things such as the coffee machine, music, voices, plates, glasses… When it comes to restaurants, the old saying goes that people vote with their feet so your venue needs to be as inviting as possible. And, in this world where more and more people are conducting business in restaurants and cafes, good acoustics are more important than ever.

Quash aims to make these spaces not only aesthetically attractive but acoustically relaxing so the ambient noise is a pleasant one not an irritation.

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Case Study Snapshot


John contacted quashTM and said he was getting noise complaints in his café/restaurant.


quashTM assessed the situation and installed absorption panels throughout the ceiling to reduce the echo/reverberation.


John’s regular customers couldn’t believe how much difference the panels made and that noise was no longer an issue at all.

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