Stopping Noise

Quash sound proofing solutions can reduce noise, reverberation and echo by up to 80% while delivering enhanced thermal control that can reduce your power bill and provide an additional level of security to your premises.

Noise Reduction in Perth

In Perth, as in other cities around the world, life is getting busier and noisier. Houses, buildings and roads are closer together as the urban sprawl increases in density. Traffic is busier at our airports and there are no flight curfews. All this means it’s getting harder to find peace and quiet.

Being surrounded by constant noise can impact health and well-being. Noise in the home is annoying and intrusive and a noisy work environment can result in lower levels of productivity and performance.

Solutions for Stopping, Absorbing, Reducing and Containing Noise

When it comes to noise reduction, there isn’t an off the shelf product suited to all situations. Every noise issue is different and noise impacts people in different ways – what bothers one person may be perfectly acceptable to another. QuashTM have the expertise and experience to understand your particular problem and tailor a solution accordingly using our extensive range of products that we package up to create your unique solution.

And we do all this for you with our trademark professional and friendly service. Whatever your noise problem, let us advise you on the best way to QuashTM it.

What’s Your Noise Issue?

Success Stories that Stopped Noise