Eric came to us with a noise transmission issue through his apartment wall. He could hear some very light TV and general living noise from his neighbour. Eric realised that if he could hear his neighbour, then his neighbour could also hear him. Eric called Quash to provide a solution to his noise issue. We installed an acoustic panel Barrierboard™ directly onto his common wall.


We installed the Barrierboard™ to the wall, flushed up the joins with existing walls, and sanded them ready for painting.


Eric was so happy with the outcome that he engaged us to install the full Barrierboard™ system for bedroom soundproofing as he loved watching movies in bed late at night without the worry of sound transferring next door.

Eric’s situation was different from most as he was more concerned about disturbing his neighbours than he was of them disturbing him. By using both the Barrierboards™ systems Eric has ensured that he will never bother his neighbours at all.

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