Reducing Plant & Equipment Noise

Reducing Plant & Equipment Noise

Quash Soundproofing works with industrial organisations to create safe and productive working environments.

Noise in the Workplace is a Major Cause of Deafness and Reduced Productivity in Western Australia

Like workshop and factory noise, consistent high noise levels from plant and equipment impact not only workers within the workshop, but they affect the comfort and productivity of office staff and neighbouring businesses.

OHS and Hearing Loss Due to Workplace Noise

Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is an irreversible but preventable condition that involves substantial cost to individuals and organisations in the long term.

Safe Work Australia advocates the minimisation and elimination of risks from workplace noise in a practical manner  ( They advise that:

  • over an eight-hour shift a worker should not be exposed to more than 85 decibels
  • a worker should not be exposed to a noise level above 140 decibels and any exposure above this peak can create almost instant damage to hearing.

Productivity and Comfort in the Workplace

Creating a safe, comfortable, and productive working environment for your staff is our priority.

Safe Work Australia has established an excellent guide for noise levels in regards to comfort and productivity:

  • noise should not exceed 50 decibels if your work requires high concentration or effortless conversation
  • 70 decibels if your work is routine, fast-paced and demands attentiveness or if it is important to carry on conversations

If any of your current plant and equipment is preventing your work environment from falling within/below any of the above measures (or you aren’t sure), it is time to discuss noise reduction measures.

How Quash helps industrial organisations reduce the impact of noise from plant and equipment.

At Quash, we work with industrial organisations to ensure all plant and equipment noise:

  • falls within OHS regulations
  • does not impact workplace productivity
  • is not ongoing and annoying
  • has a low impact in the rest of the working environment
  • has a low impact on neighbouring businesses and residents

We do this by creating a customised enclosure specific to the plant and equipment. When doing so we take into account:

  • serviceability
  • structure proximity
  • all environmental and equipment requirements

Our extensive experience in the construction industry allows us to create bespoke noise reduction solutions for any environment or situation.

Contact us today to discuss your plant and equipment noise issue further.

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