Patient Privacy for Consulting Rooms

Patient Privacy for Consulting Rooms


Last year we had a call from a couple of doctors desperate for some help with office soundproofing their brand new consulting suites. The so called acoustic fit out on the suites had just been completed and they were devastated to realise that they could stand in any of the consulting rooms and be heard by others in any other area of the rooms, including the lift foyer. As you can imagine being Doctors and requiring the utmost confidentiality this was not the situation they wanted with only 2 weeks until they opened.


During the initial site inspection we were able to establish the weakest areas of the fit out and provide some immediate solutions to get them up and running with as much privacy as possible prior to the suites opening and seeing their first patients.

The primary issues were:

·      Large panels of glass therefore increasing the reflection of sound from these surfaces
·      Poor acoustic absorption throughout
·      Inadequate perimeter doors seals
·      No acoustic drop seals
·      Poor performing glass partitioning
·      Inadequate ceiling at the ceiling wall joins.


We were able to hire some absorption panels to the doctors to reduce the sound energy (echo) in the suites immediately. This enabled them to begin operating on the proposed opening day.

We then installed acoustic perimeter seals and drop seals to the doors with Aluminium thresholds to the carpet. We also sealed the wall/ceiling join. We installed a secondary window panels to the partitioning and increased the mass of one of the room doors. We increased the noise absorption throughout the rooms and off hired our panels.


All these retro fit solutions together reduce any audible transmission between the individual consulting rooms, the waiting room and last of all the lift foyer. The doctors have now been able to consult in privacy, keeping all their patients’ confidentiality and personal information private.

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Nigel Reid

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