Sleep for Resident Suffering from Perth Airport Air Traffic Noise

Sleep for Resident Suffering from Perth Airport Air Traffic Noise


Mark lives up in the hills and contacted Quash and said he needed someone to look at how he could stop the noise from the planes landing at the Perth airport from waking him up and stopping him from sleeping on his shifts off work.


We established that for this bedroom soundproofing, his door out to his balcony and his corner window beside his bed were the main sources of the noise. Mark was concerned about noise coming through his roof, but due to the pitch of his roof, it wasn’t a concern at this stage.


We extended his existing door frame to enable a lead lined RW39 acoustic door to be installed. This included an acoustic perimeter seal and an acoustic drop seal.

We also installed a SoundOut secondary window with 10.5mm acoustic glass to the existing window opening.

Mark was away during installation and he trusted our installers to perform the works while he was not there. Upon his return we arranged to meet him to perform a small handover the next day.


However when we arrived that morning we could not wake him for some time as his bedroom was so quiet now he slept through the air traffic noise and was in a deep sleep.

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Nigel Reid

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