Custom Windows

Quash are able to customise existing windows (retrofit or secondary windows) or install brand new custom windows either to replace existing windows or for first time fit outs. Our custom windows are built to provide noise reduction by up to 70% and offer additional security and thermal performance to your space. We can customise:

  • Existing, new or secondary windows
  • Double glazed or laminated acoustic glass
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Custom dimensions
  • Any window type

A word about custom windows…

Ideal for home or offices, custom windows are part of our window soundproofing solutions and are used to stop air traffic noise, street noise, community noise and road traffic noise. Our installers take care and are neat and tidy, we aim to not only achieve sound proofing but also match the aesthetics of your room. If you are seeking to escape noise, we recommend you start a conversation with Quash before diving into your custom window design to ensure you’re heading for the most cost effective solution.

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