Lou is an Engineer who came to Quash with the issue of traffic and party noise in his apartment. Due to the Strata Body regulations, Lou indicated that the windows couldn’t be changed. Lou wanted the solution to look like the windows hadn’t been altered at all.


We recommended our retrofit secondary glazing system to Lou and we discussed installing a powder coated trim between the existing window and the new secondary window so that the windows would appear seamless and therefore look like it had never been retro fitted.


The look and results were so good for his apartment soundproofing that Lou called us back to install a custom made acoustic absorbing drop down ceiling to his living, dining and TV room ceilings to assist with the overall room acoustics and reduce the echo.

Lou and his wife were so delighted with the service and the results that we have been invited to look at the remaining windows to improve the overall soundproofing in the apartment.

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Nigel Reid

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